Our Company Best Quality Material and Lowest Price Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Multi Play System for Children, School Play Area Equipment, Garden play Equipment, Playground Slides in Anand

Our products are popular for its durable and we are the most prestigious playground equipment supplier in Anand. We assure the best quality advertising material and latest techniques used in our equipment. Our supplied playground equipment is generally chosen in Public Garden Karamsad Road, Shastri Maidan, Vallabh Vidyanagar, S Cube Water Park, Maniar’s Wonderworld and many more.

Classic Range

We aim to bridge the gap between the children and playground and with this we manufacture classical range of playground equipment that are built using creativity and innovation to produce safe and durable system and equipment for children.

Multiplay system

We develop our Multiplay System to allow access in a safe way to low age ground such as a toddler, kid or a child. It is built with supreme quality metals and safe fibers.


At the playground children can develop their social skills where a child learns to interact with others around them. We are manufacture of swings such as double, triple, 4 in 1 swing, self swing, single circular, arch swing (2 seats), jolly swing, etc.


Swing are designed to promote intergenerational play in which a child has eye contact with adults and builds emotional and cognitive well-being of both child and adult.


Our manufacturing process has the best expert team to create innovative playground equipment that includes climbers. Attached with bolts and grips of highest quality metal a child can play the equipment without worrying to fall.


We provide to kids in playground equipment like see-saw that are of 2-seat seesaw, 4-seat seesaw, stand-up seesaw that attracts children.

Merry Go Round

Our Merry Go Round are varied from platform, twindler go round, cycle, self, rainbow and many more. We supply products that are made of the supreme materials with high grade plastic with anti-corrosion with an inexpensive rate.

Playnxt Range

We are manufacturing wide range of Playnxt range which is using superior quality and no rust materials.

PSLV Multiply System

In India PSVL is a rocket launcher by astronauts by ISRO and at the playground we install the mini PSLV Multiplay system as per the client requirement specifications.

Zip Liner

Zip Liners makes a child feel like flying like a bird over the safe height and distance and these offer a rush of adrenaline and feel like a fantasy of flying come true.

Jungle Gym

Jungle gym can be used to improve hand and eye-coordination and the grip of the child and balancing act so that he or she can focus on improving vital skills like balancing and fall-out.

Cart Multiplay Station

Our company supplies cart multiplay station kids play stations & kids multi play systems which for kid aged 3 to 12 years old that is made to meet the client’s specification.

R- Urban Ramak Range

We supply wide range of double swing, circular swing, FRP Wave Slide, Mini See-Saw, Double Bar, Tiltable Dustbin, and etc.

Exercise Range

Our manufactured exercise range usually strengthens their muscles when they do play on a jungle gym or climb the climbers. We manufacture a massive range for children who need specially designed playground equipment that provides them with plenty of space to crawl, walk, and stand.

Garden Range

Our range are most trusted and we offer a wide range like garden bench cast iron garden bench, all tiltable dustbin, arch garden bench, and the like. 

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