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We are affianced in manufacturing and supplying a highly durable and well known playground equipment supplier in Bhuj. Our supplies are in the areas such as White Desert (Safed Rann), Hamirsar Lake, Hill Garden, Khengar Park, Hiralaxmi Memorial Craft Park, Bhujang Chowk Park, Shree Swaminarayan Temple Bhuj and many more.

Classic Range

We manufacture Classic Range playground equipment that is wide range of multiplay system, swings, slides, climbers, see-saw and merry go round.

Multiplay system

Our supplies multiplay are of the shape of hexagonal, octagonal and canopy which are made of the finest raw materials and with high grade fiber and anti-rust.


Swinging on a swing is the best activity to build children sensory system that they get adapted to different sensations and increases spatial awareness.


Slide are safe if kids use them in proper manner with in mind that they should takes turn one at a time and hold the handrails that are provided when we manufacture the slide and land safely to ground.


Our climbers come in different sizes and shapes that are made of heavy duty material and metal.


Our manufactured are commonly found the society park, schools and at the playground.

Merry Go Round

We are passionate and dedicated in manufacturing high quality merry go round that is proved in cognitive development in children that promotes the development of social skills, communication and cooperation.

Playnxt Range

We offer a pheltora of innovative playground equipment that has thousand of satisfied clients that manufactures wide rage Playnxt Range.

PSLV Multiply System

We are ISO certified manufacturer of PSLV Multiplay System where the child understands PSLV design mainly to deliver the earth observation or remote sensing satellites and rocket.

Zip Liner

Zip liner able a child to zoom from one side to another with wire attached seats fixed firmly on the poles or trees.

Jungle Gym

We manufacture a piece of playground equipment made of many pieces of material, such as metal pipe or rope on which a child can hang, climb, sit, and in some configurations slide and swings.

Cart Multiplay Station

We are engage in offering multiple range of cart multiplay station and has sparkling color combination of swings, slides and see saw.

R- Urban Ramak Range

We are creative playground equipment manufacturer that gives an excellent exposure to children on wide range of urban range playground equipment.

Exercise Range

Our exercise range provides a safe environment for the little ones to get the exercise they need. Our range includes double bar, pull up bar, etc. The products are made of the supreme materials with high grade plastic with anti-corrosion.

Garden Range

We manufacturer outstanding and stylish animal featured garden range where children gets attracted and would use the equipment and will not litter the garden or playground.

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