We offer Best Quality Material and Affordable Price Manufacturer and Supplier in USA, UK, South-Africa, South-Korea, South-Kenya, Canada, Oman, Ukraine, Uganda

In Dahod we are the leading playground equipment professionals that manufacture using the best quality advertising material and latest techniques equipment. We are supplying in areas such as Fun N Fly, Radhey Garden, B.F. Kheriy Gaam, Medicine Garden, Lalabhai Park and many more.

Classic Range

Children’s safety is first priority and our playground equipment is independently tested to the appropriate ISO Standards. We also provide a nationwide installation service using experienced and expert team that is certified to build a playground.

Multiplay system

We are leading manufacturer of playing equipment like multiplay system that includes lots of playing items for low age group people. Our products are supplied using high quality metals and non metal materials which are ensuring the safety limit.


Swings can be a challenging and also build core strength, motor skills and children loves the swing since it improves their senses.


Slides excite children and they love sliding on it and we manufacture them using the supreme materials with high grade plastic with anti-corrosion with an inexpensive rate.


Our company manufactures the climber is made of thick ropes on which the children had to climb up. This kind of play equipment teaches kids about balancing.


A seesaw is also known as teeterboard which is narrow board that is supported on a single pivot in the middle that goes up and down and is a play of two children and are found in playgrounds, park, residential area park, schools and malls.

Merry Go Round

Kids of all ages love the ride of a Merry Go Round that helps them maintain their balance and have fun.

Playnxt Range

We are eminent manufacture of Playnxt range that includes PSLV Multiplay System, Zip Liner, Jungle Gym and Cart Multiplay System.

PSLV Multiply System

The system helps kids to play and have knowledge about the astronauts of Indian who has contributed as scientist to develop our nation.

Zip Liner

We manufacture zip liner for children’s recreation sport that gets a kid excited, strong and healthy.

Jungle Gym

We are manufacturing the jungle gym where children are able to climb and it consists of bars, ladders, rods and the like.

Cart Multiplay Station

We offer specially designed cart multiplay station equipment for children who are enthusiastic and love to stay close to nature.

R- Urban Ramak Range

We manufacture wide range of playground equipment that is discovered by us that are created with perfection by our expert team for children and we offer both steel and plastic play solutions.

Exercise Range

Exercise for a child and adult is essential since it gives them better look on life and good and healthy physique and lower blood pressure and blood cholesterol levels.

Garden Range

Playgrounds are an opening door to imagination for children and we design our garden range to keep the garden, playground and place of the same clean and beautiful.

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