We are well known playground equipment supplier in Deesa and generally chosen in the areas such as Anganwadi Rabari Goliya, Anganwadi Pechhadal-1, Anganwadi Juna Dessa-4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Dhuva-1, Sherganj, Vad Talav, Saryunagar and many more.

Classic Range

Our classic range has improves communication, language, and learning skills while building self confidence of children since they come to play the equipment in the playground.

Multiplay system

We are “Creating Childhood Memories” for a reason where our multiplay system is installed and use but we too admit the memories created around the systems that are shared by the whole family.


Anyone in the family can engage in play on the swing set, not just the little ones where families get involved in picnics and enjoy a portion of the day together by playing on the swing set in the playground or a park.


Our slides are manufactured with utmost advance technology and come with a reasonable price.


We have wide range of climbers that includes Criss Cross, Crystal Maize, Square, Round, Rocket, Humpty Dumpty, Rainbow, Elephant and Adventure Climbers.


Our See Saw comes in supreme materials with high grade plastic with anti-corrosion.

Merry Go Round

Merry go round revolves a circular platform build with toughest metal that is usually accompaniment to children to have a ride on it with care and supervision of parents or guardian.

Playnxt Range

With the advanced technology used we are the leading manufacturer of Playnxt Range playground equipment which includes and wide range of PSLV multiplay system, zip-liner and the like.

PSLV Multiply System

It is a rocket launcher model with give an exposure of rocket and the like to children at an early age.

Zip Liner

Zip Liners are basic structure of ropeway where children can zoom from one end to another just by seating on a padded chair like attached to a strong built wire on stand pole across each other.

Jungle Gym

A playground jungle gym can helps children burn energy, but with great activity comes great irresponsibility.

Cart Multiplay Station

Our cart multiplay station is of remarkable manufactured and structure that comes in multiple colors that has great combination.

R- Urban Ramak Range

Our R-Urban Ramak range includes a Mini See-Saw, Double Bar, Tiltable Dustbin, One Deck Multiplay Station and etc. that are of h high grade plastic with anti-corrosion.

Exercise Range

Our exercise range comes  dolphin spring rider, bike spring rider, hopping pad, arm rider, basket ball ring, funnel ball, crawling maize, cross and zero, rocking boat (2 seat), etc. which has high-durability.

Garden Range

We manufacturer outstanding and  stylish animal featured garden range where children gets attracted and would use the equipment like dustbin, benches, swings and many more.

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