Outdoor Playground Equipment, Playground Equipment, Kids Playground Equipment, Outdoor Playground Equipments, Multi Play System for Children in Gandhinagar

We are engaged in manufacturing and supplying an extremely tough and renowned playground equipment supplier in Gandhinagar. We supply playground equipment is generally in areas such as Children’s Park, Puneet Van, Trimandir, Adalaj, Toy Train Park, Adalaj Stepwell, Indora Nature Park, Akshardham Temple, Atapi Wonderland, Science City and many more.

Classic Range

Classic Range playground equipment we manufacture wide range of multiplay system, swings, slides, climbers, see-saw and merry go round.

Multiplay system

Our multiplay system comes with high grade fiber and anti-rust, durable multiplay system with a realistic price.


Swings give the children delighted feeling on going to the playground since it allows a kids to develop coordination movement as they propel themselves on the swings. We manufacture the best Spring Seat (1 Seat), Butterfly, baby arch (4 seat), zigzag, arch tyre, kids swing with single rocking boat and tyre swing.


Slides enliven children and they love sliding on it. We are a top manufacturer of slides such as baby plain slide, plain slide, wide slide, spiral slide, wave slide (FRP) and the like.


We manufacturing an exclusive range of climbers and is quality tested materials and to meet the client’s requirement. We are the main supplier of climbers such as rainbow ladder, Humpty Dumpty, Rainbow, Elephant and Adventure Climbers, etc.


See saw is a board balanced on a fulcrum that are played in doubles and fixed on the playground. We are the most prominent manufacturers of see-saw such as single, multi seat, 4 seater and smiling.

Merry Go Round

We manufacture merry go round for children of all ages and models of animals or vehicles is created as per the client’s specification. Our team create a variety of whirligig such as Mickey revolving platform, twindler go round, cycle, self, rainbow and many more. We use the finest metal and raw materials in the industries to provide the best.

Playnxt Range

We manufacture Playnxt Range that includes PSLV Multiplay System, Zip Liner, Jungle Gym and Cart Multiplay System.

PSLV Multiply System

Astounds are Indian pride and we built a mini PSLV Multiplay System that gives children knowledge on the rocket miniature.

Zip Liner

Zip Liner works like a rope way but in the playground it mounted to the ground and is to entertain children and keep learning to balance them.

Jungle Gym

The jungle gym known as climbing frame or monkey bars,  we manufacture a piece of playground equipment made of many pieces of material, such as metal pipe or rope, on which participants can hang, climb, sit, and in some configurations slide and swings.

Cart Multiplay Station

We are one of the most important manufacturer of cart multiplay station kids play stations & kids multi play systems which for kid aged 3 to 12 years old that is made to meet the client’s specification.

R- Urban Ramak Range

Our manufactured products are used for outdoor as well as indoor playground where a place for recreation or amusement parks and resorts. We are offering varied range playground equipment which includes and wide range of double swing, circular swing, FRP Wave Slide, Mini See-Saw, Double Bar, Tiltable Dustbin, One Deck Multiplay Station and etc.

Exercise Range

Children loves our exercise range that is inclusive of crawling maize, cross and zero, rocking boat (2 seat), rocking boat (4 seat), discs challenger and the like. The products are made of the supreme materials with high grade plastic with anti-corrosion.

Garden Range

Our garden range includes equipment like dustbin of animal characters, benches, planks, swings and cast iron garden bench, all tiltable dustbins; arch garden bench, and the like.  We have wide range of garden playground equipment that is designed especially to meet client’s requirements.

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