We Offer Best Quality ad Reasonable Price Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Play ground Equipment for Garden, School Play Area Equipment, Multi Play System for Children, Children Play Equipment in Jamnagar

We supply highly durable and well known playground equipment in Jamnagar. Our dexterous experts are using the best quality advertising material and latest techniques. Our supply playground equipment is generally chosen in the areas such as Ranmal Lake Park, Bet Dwarka, Sivrajpur Beach, Lakhota Talav, Khijadiya and many more.

Classic Range

Our classic range playground equipment which includes and wide range of multiplay system, swings, slides, climbers, see-saw and merry go round offer by us are most durable in its quality and use.

Multiplay system

We are able to gather a vast collection of multiplay station and these enhances overall physical and mental growth of the children. Our experts manufacturer of multiplay system such as octagonal deck, five decks, and three decks, double slide etc. by using high grade fiber and anti-rust, durable multiplay system with a reasonable price.


We have manufacturer of vast collection of swings that are heart of a garden since children love it, which includes swings such as zigzag, arch tyre, kids swing with single rocking boat and tyre swing.  


Slides motivate children as they feel free to slide down and have fun. We are a prominent manufacturer of slides such as baby plain slide, Roller Slide (FRP), Straight Curve Slide (FRP), Mini Tube Slide and Roller & Wave Slide Combo (FRP).  We make slides using supreme materials with high grade plastic with anti-corrosion with an inexpensive rate.


We are the chief supplier of climbers such as rainbow ladder, “S” Bridge Ladder, Satellite Climber, Moon Climber, Giraffe Climber, Straight Net Climbers, Loop Rung Ladder, Humpty Dumpty, etc its comes with strong built and reliable of its quality.


Our manufactured see saw is used by children aged 2-10 years old and it support a maximum weight that is designed as per the specification of the client. Our see-saw comes in single, multi seat,

4 seater and smiling and made by using high grade plastic with anti-corrosion with an inexpensive rate.

Merry Go Round

Merry Go Round is fondly known as carrousel which winds round and round to get the children grip their balancing act this helps them maintain their balance and have fun. We manufacture varied type of merry go round such as horse shape, Mickey revolving platform, twindler go round, cycle, self, rainbow and many more.

Playnxt Range

We are professional in Playnxt Range products which include PSLV Multiplay System, Zip Liner, Jungle Gym and Cart Multiplay System. It comes in strong built featured and is highly durable.

PSLV Multiply System

We manufacture the PSLV Multiplay System which enhances the knowledge of children about rocket science since the model of the multiplay system is based on Indian astronaut’s rocket launcher.

Zip Liner

Our manufactured zip liner has unique track trolley system and comfortable seat by a grip and chain. This comes with exceptional quality, comfort and safety and kids love to ride zip liner.

Jungle Gym

Our Jungle Gym builders use metal pipe or rope, on which participants can hang, climb, sit, and in some configurations slide and swings.

Cart Multiplay Station

Our Cart Multiplay Station comes is varied theme and we build according to user’s specification.

R- Urban Ramak Range

Our range of products used by client has the best durability and is used for children aged 3 years and above.

Exercise Range

To create healthy growth and a stronger heart for a child is very essential at a very young age. We manufacture a massive exercise range for children who need specially designed playground equipment that provides them with plenty of space to crawl, walk, and stand. We have varied exercise range such as bike spring rider, hopping pad, arm rider, basket ball ring and the like which are reliable and strongly built.

Garden Range

We manufacturer outstanding and  stylish animal featured garden range where children gets attracted and would use the equipment like dustbin, benches, swings and many more.

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