We are Most Popular Playground Equipment, Outdoor Playground Equipment, Kids Playground Equipment, Playground Slides, Garden Play Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in Morbi

We are preciously manufacturing playground equipment in Morbi. Our team of experts uses the best quality advertising material and latest techniques. Our supply playground equipment is generally chosen in the areas such as Papaji Funworld Morbi, Mani Mandir, Om Water Resort, Reva Park, Rani Baug, and L.E. Ground Anand Nagar, Vraj Vatika, Shantivan Park, Kerala Bajrang Park and many more.

Classic Range

No playground is complete with the classic range playground equipment like slides, see-saw, swings and Springer. We manufacturer them with great care and use the latest technology.

Multiplay system

Our main domain has expertise that has enabled an excellent collection of Multiplay System that is applied in school, kindergarten, gardens and malls.


A swing is a seat that is common in playgrounds, circus for acrobats, porch and also suitable for Indian Oonjal. A swing is generally suspended from chains or ropes.


Our slides are easy to install and use with studios design and suitable for children ages of 3-10 years that are connected smoothly without hurting the child.


We are the main supplier of climbers such as rainbow ladder, “S” Bridge Ladder, Satellite Climber, Moon Climber, Giraffe Climber, Straight Net Climbers, Loop Rung Ladder, A to B Climber, Sunset, Spiral, Small Net, Sea Monster, Criss Cross, Crystal Maize, Square, Round, Rocket, Humpty Dumpty, Rainbow, Elephant and Adventure Climbers.


A see saw is build in excellent designed board with accuracy and is balanced on a center support so that the children can learn balancing.

Merry Go Round

We manufacture one of the kind of merry go round comes with ultimate safety for the children. The safety lock is given so that while spinning the children is not allowed to open the latch and the handles too provide safety.

Playnxt Range

We manufacture a wide range of Playnxt Range which is based on excellent theme for a playground, resorts, mall and the like.

PSLV Multiply System

We offer PSLV Multiplay System that are used in playground, amusement parks and malls and we the best raw materials to build the  mini rocket model that excited children to what to come for more rides.

Zip Liner

We manufacture zip liners that have sufficient strength and coordination that holds comfortable poly discs seat to accommodate kids of all size and weight.

Jungle Gym

We manufacture safe and less risk injury jungle gyms that are recommendable in playground. They are strongly built and we use the most supreme raw grade materials.

Cart Multiplay Station

We are manufacturers of playground equipment such as cart multiplay for public parks, societies, pre-school and many more that is made to meet the client’s specification.

R- Urban Ramak Range

We manufacture FRP Wave Slide, Mini See-Saw, Double Bar, Tiltable Dustbin, One Deck Multiplay Station and etc. that has high grade plastic with anti-corrosion.

Exercise Range

To keep children healthy exercise range in playground is essential that makes them well balanced and boost their social interaction with friends and we are made them using supreme materials with high grade plastic with anti-corrosion.

Garden Range

Children would use the equipment like dustbin, benches, swings and many more once in park or playground since littering around is prohibited and the senior can use plank garden bench cast iron garden bench,  arch garden bench, and the like for sitting.

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