Find here one of the best leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Playground Equipment, Outdoor Playground Equipment, Kids Playground Equipment, Children Playground Equipment in Nadiad

We are renowned manufacturer of playground equipment in Nadiad. With assured quality advertising material and latest techniques we supply in the areas such as Bhakti Nagar Playground, Yamuna Nagar Society Park, Oasis Garden, Shree Santram Mandir, Badhir Garden and many more.

Classic Range

Our company is famous in creating and manufacturing the best merry Go Round, Monkey Bars, Swings and slides. We have them all in the most affordable price and at the most durable materials.

Multiplay system

Our multiplay system consist of octagonal deck, five decks, and three decks, double slide, hexagonal, combination set 3 in 1, hexagonal deck, double wave, two deck, combination set 3 in 1 with canopy and two deck two level multiplay system.


Infants enjoys a gentle rocking motion and thus this applies to children since they also enjoy gentle swinging and make them able to relax this help in neurological activity in a child and settling minds into a more restful state.


Whenever you go to a playground a slide is guaranteed to be found. After all, slides are exhilarating, fast and fun for children of several age groups.


Climbers are known to be the physical milestone that is an important toll in developing the coordination skills a child needs when mastering how to walk.


Needless to say to learn the physical of balance a see-saw is ideal since it balances to child at a time of equal weight and to maintain stability.

Merry Go Round

Playground are equipped with merry go round which offers children fresh air, friends, fun and exercise.

Playnxt Range

Our Playnxt Range are to introduce to children are introducing themed like astronaut, jungle gym and car multiplay system.

PSLV Multiply System

The Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) multiplay station is built as the client’s requirement and we use the highest class of raw materials that is best suited.

Zip Liner

For those children who loves that their adrenaline rush the will enjoy our manufactured zip liners that are reliable and built with best materials in the market.

Jungle Gym

A jungle gym is designed for children to climb and it and it is also know as a monkey bar and built of metal and iron.

Cart Multiplay Station

We are the most leading manufacturer of cart multiplay station for children and are tailor made as per client’s specifications.

R- Urban Ramak Range

Our R-Urban Ramak Range is for children who need specially designed playground equipment to provide to kids to play.

Exercise Range

It is important for a child to exercise and our exercise range playground are manufacturer for children who love playing at the playground.

Garden Range

We install our garden range product at playground, park, malls childcare facilities, residential area and public playground. We cater them with high-durability and at an inexpensive rate.

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