India's largest play environment company offering premium quality Playground Equipment, Children Playground Equipment, Kids Playground Equipment, Garden Play Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier in Surendranagar

We are leading manufacturer of Surendranagar where playground equipment is generally mounted in areas such as Rotary GIDC Garden, Radhe Govind Park, Limbdi, Gokul Park, Tagor Bagh, Amardeep Park, Dharam Talav, Wadhwan, Saujanya Park 2 and many more.

Classic Range

Our classical range playground equipments are built in colors that stimulate the kids’ imaginations and make to want come for more to the playground.

Multiplay system

We manufacture a complete set of multiplay range which kids love to play that are fixed on the playground since it is build with high grade fiber, anti-rust, durable and within budget.


Playgrounds are safe environments that offer kids the opportunity to play with others. For kids with ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) they’re especially beneficial that helps children improve coordination and maximize flexibility.


We are leading manufacturing of playground slides are one of the first pieces of playground equipment many kids try out. We offer a variety of commercial playground slides to fit any playground design or theme.


Our manufactured climbers are usually made of metal framework that provides greater stability and will not sway when the child climbs of during rough play and enable multiple children to play at once.


Swing helps children gaining the momentum to work with speed and they will learn to swing while balancing their legs and hands.

Merry Go Round

With safety measure take our merry go round are manufactured with the most supreme raw material, weather resistance and anti-corrosion.

Playnxt Range

Our supreme quality PSLV multiplay system, zip-liner, jungle gym and cart multiplay station are built for playground, malls, residential area and many more.

PSLV Multiply System

Rocket are pre-loved by children and we are manufacturing the best PSLV Multiplay System and it gives general idea of how does a rocket look like.

Zip Liner

With our manufactured zip liners kids can build strength, balance and use their imaginations as they ride down the liners.

Jungle Gym

The jungle we manufacture is of metal pipe or rope, on which children can hang, climb, sit, and in some configurations slide and swings.

Cart Multiplay Station

It is an approach to make a child know the means of transporting from one end to another and this is done with creativity and joy.

R- Urban Ramak Range

We use the latest technology to manufacture the R-Urban Ramak Range of the playground equipment.

Exercise Range

Our exercise ranges are specially designed to provide children space to crawl, stand, jump and walk.

Garden Range

A playground space is designed and for the community and children and we manufacture a universally-designed playground equipment that brings everyone together with play variety.

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